Should One Take Phentermine Without Doctor’s Prescription

Should One Take Phentermine Without Doctor’s Prescription

03/14/2018 0 By Ruby-Davis

There are many medications to fight overweight available on the market. Many of them are sold without doctor’s prescription. Phentermine is one of such.

It is possible to buy Phentermine at pharmacies or online. If a person does do, it is possible to start treatment straight away. Many people do not consult a doctor prior to taking Phentermine.


It is possible to take Phentermine without prescription. If a person decides to do that, he has to carefully read a leaflet from the box. It will state some basic restrictions of pills taking:

  • Pills can not be taken by pregnant females. It is an important rule. A woman is better to make a pregnancy test before she starts treatment. This will help to omit problems afterwards.
  • pills may be taken by people who are over 18 years old. It is a good rule to follow. If a person is under this age, his body is not yet formed. Phentermine in this case may only harm.
  • pills should not be taken if a person has strong diseases. Some people can have heart problems. Such people are forbidden to take pills at all. An overall list of diseases can be found on the Phentermine leaflet.

If a person follows these rules, she can start taking pills. It is important to get the right dose. Very often people want to get rid of weight quickly. They take too big doses of pills. It will never bring a positive effect on a body.

Why Visiting A Doctor

It is not obligatory, but visiting a doctor is advisable. Overall examination will cost some money. It will also help to make a treatment more productive. Here are ways it can help:

  • It can help to determine a right dose. A person can not decide simply how much weight should be lost. Much depends on body characteristics. It is not easy to determine the right dose. A doctor will make it better than a person by himself.
  • A doctor can examine if Phentermine will not mess with other treatment. It can happen if a person has other health problems. Ingredients of two pills may not be compatible. In this case none of treatments will become efficient.
  • He can examine if pills will not harm the overall state of body. Each body is individual. It is possible for some people Phentermine ingredients are harmful. It can be discovered after a profound medical examination.

These factors make it clear that it is better to undergo a medical examination. It will ensure success of treatment with Phentermine. It will guarantee that a person will not cause himself any harm. Medical examination is worth paying for.

A person can get pills from online stores. They sell Phentermine for smaller price than regular pharmacies. As a treatment requires many pills to be taken, it is good to buy cheaper. Online shops permit clients to buy unlimited amount of Phentermine.